Las Vegas Elvis Wedding chapel

Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel

Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel performed 24 wedding ceremonies on 7-7-17. For some reason couples from all over the world are still eager to tie the knot in fabulous Las Vegas. They seem to be especially drawn to special dates with numerical signifigance. Many of our couples reserved their date with Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel many months in advance to secure their page in the Las Vegas wedding history books.

There were reportedly long lines at the Clark County marriage license bureau this week as lovers from everywhere anxiously waited to get their golden ticket to eternal wedded bliss. The cost for the marriage license is $77. Both parties wishing to be married must be present and show government issued photo identification in the form of a drivers license or passport. There is no waiting period or blood tests involved. They may then take their license to any ordained minister licensed in the state of Nevada to sign the required documents before an adult witness.

There are many licensed ministers here in Las Vegas but only a few Elvis ministers are actually ordained and allowed to perform legal marriages. I advise everyone wishing to tie the knot here in Sin City to do a little research to find out exactly who you will be entrusting with your hard earned money to perform your ceremony and file your marriage certificate with the Clark County Recorders Office. Your marriage certificate must be filed within no longer than ten days by your minister at 500 Grand Central Parkway here in Las Vegas. I encourage you to search the Nevada Secretary of State website to be sure the person marrying you is actually authorized to solemnize marriage in the state of Nevada. If you have any questions or requests you can contact us here at the Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel at (702) 221-5683 or you can click here for more marriage license information.

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